Vietnam Wind Project Case Study

Coalesce Management Consulting were brought on to support the development of a major wind development in the Quang Tri province of Vietnam. There were actually 4 linked commissioning and installation projects going on, totalling 48 V150 wind turbines. 

Installation was well underway on the project but the teams on-site lacked experience as a commissioning crew. So the client came to Coalesce, knowing that we had the experience and expertise from working on global wind projects. 


We did an immediate mobilisation to get commissioning crews on-site, with experts coming from India and Vietnam. This was despite the challenges of getting our consultants to the location due to the restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. We worked with the consultants and the clients to ensure everyone followed the necessary Covid-guidelines, and arranged safe, compliant travel and support to get them there. 


Thanks to our scope of expert consultants and our dedicated service keeping everyone secure and compliant, our crews were able to fully commission the turbines and reach the COD date successfully.

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