Biotechnology Case Study

Coalesce was hired by one of the world's leading biotechnology companies to overcome a project gap that required a managed resource consultant rather than a full turn-key solution, which is what they normally depended on. 

The client works to innovate medicines for patients with serious illnesses, so it's vital that anyone working with them has a high level of specialist knowledge and can work to the highest standards. 

Because the challenges were only encountered well into the project, we had to deliver a suitable consultant very quickly. Fortunately we were able to deliver a fast turnaround and have an outstanding Operational and Project Technical Consultant on-site to deliver solutions. 

Not only was the client able to continue with the project, but they made considerable savings from using a managed resource solution rather than a turnkey outsourced model. Impressed with our level of service and the speed we work at, the client has since partnered with us again on multiple projects, including a pharmaceutical plant reliability project and a quality management system. 

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