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Coalesce Management Consulting provide expert solutions for Advanced Engineering and Energy projects globally.

We build partnerships with STEM businesses worldwide, delivering experienced, industry-leading consultants to drive effective solutions on projects of different sizes and complexity. We know that all clients and all projects are different, which is why we work with you to fully understand your needs and provide a bespoke service that suits you. 

Most importantly, when you engage with one of our consultants you can be assured of consistent, continuous service from start to end of your project. 

Our global footprint means we're available 24/7 to support you. Contact us today to partner with our expert teams.

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We're committed to our Best Service Charter to deliver the best management consultancy solutions for our Advanced Engineering and Energy clients around the world. 

We're proud of our NET Promoter Score of 73, which reflects our continued efforts to improve our services and deliver the best expertise for our clients. Learn more about our commitment to Best Service by following the link. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

What Our Clients Say About Us

One of the benefits we received with CMC was with one SoW type contract with 3 individual engineers which was very helpful for terms of simplicity in moving forward with swapping or adding engineers in the future. This is a massive benefit from a business continuity and... the whole reason why we decided to go with CMC – they were offering something slightly different.

Moving forwards, the relationship is different to a lot of our standard relationships in a great way. They were polite, straight to the point and not too pushy. I have been very pleased with them and look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Senior Manager Renesas Electronics Europe

“I would like to write a personal note to thank the Coalesce Management Consulting  Sales Team for all the help that they had rendered to me to secure my new project. CMC has demonstrated professionalism, commitment and excellent service. I truly appreciate the preparation work to ensure that I was ready for each new project. CMC are meticulous in explaining each project role, prompt in checking with the client on any enquiries I had, and show lots of initiative in following up with at each stage of the process. Thank you once again and I look forward to continuing working with CMC.”

Venu Computer Systems Validation Engineer

They provided good, experienced guys which was a great benefit for us. I also think the way it was managed was very positive. CMC came across as collaborative and that was great for me. At the end of the day, it was down to providing what we needed, and CMC certainly did that. They were also able to do it much quicker than their competition and had a solid grasp of what we needed quickly. Most importantly, CMC were able to provide Engineers that were ready to join us at short notice.

Mark Goodchild Senior Manager, Renesas Electronics Europe

Collaborations have been near perfect. Even though the situation is extremely demanding, [the consultant] has the capacity to focus on what is the priority of the project and stay calm and collected.

Site manager Chemical and Pharmaceutical company

We’ve found the service CMC provided to be great, and happy with the quality and level of experience presented in the individuals which stood above other providers. We’ve found the process to be efficient and smooth. From the point of initial meeting, the follow up was excellent in all aspects, including speed of profiles, arranging discussions, following up on red lines, getting things back in a timely manner and getting open items closed. CMC provided a high level of service in a quick time frame which was a benefit to our project, as such we will be happy to collaborate together again on future projects.

Al Jansen Senior Construction Manager, Canadian Solar / Recurrent Energy

“CMC has provided support to me by ensuring that I have the right amount of information and training to perform my project tasks. This includes liaising me with the correct stakeholders to ensure that I get the correct information. There is constant feedback between me, CMC and client to ensure that there is clear alignment in the business objectives any concerns are addressed in a timely manner.”

Ronald, Validation Engineer

 “I’ve always been grateful with the opportunity to work at Coalesce CMC, they have guided me every step of the way. I get a handsome salary package commensurate with my experience and skills set, and have regular reviews and feedback sessions making sure that any issues I may have are quickly addressed and that I’m able to excel in my project roles and increase my work performance and contribution to the client’s success.  I consider it a privilege to work with CMC.  I get progression exposure and career growth opportunities by having sessions with management and am supported me in a very professional manner.  Overall, It’s been a positive journey with CMC thus far.  I would not hesitate recommending some of my contacts looking for new opportunities to CMC.”

Aiza, Project Consultant for Regulatory Affairs

 “CMC has given me great career opportunities to work on projects in highly reputable multinational organizations. When I joined CMC they were helpful in managing all the necessary requirements related to legal, job contracts, employment pass, and health insurance for myself and my family etc. And all these requirements were met very swiftly while providing extreme cooperation and precise responses ensuring my complete satisfaction.”

Dheeraj, Senior Process Engineer

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