Embedded Software Case Study

Renesas Case Study

Coalesce were hired by Renesas Electronics, a global leader in microcontrollers, analog, power and SoC products for a development project that required three embedded software specialists with C++ experience.

Working with new products, the company needed people with the right expertise who could begin working immediately. But being at the cutting edge of a specialist technology company presents challenges not only in finding people who can undertake the work but in communicating the technical requirements of the position to a consultancy. 

Fortunately, Coalesce bridge the gap between niche expertise and fast service. Our embedded software team were able to work with the client to fully understand the scope of their project and the technical knowledge required, and then provide three consultants who fit the specification quickly. 


By working with a consultancy like Coalesce, the client also benefits from the simplicity of having employed experts on-site, without having to deal with the complications that come with traditional contract hire. The client reflected that the PAYE model helped keep the process straightforward, as did the ability to have all three working on a full contract until the job was done - allowing them to keep moving forward without swapping or adding engineers in the future. 

Our collaborative approach, our speed of delivery, our expert consultants, our industry knowledge and our straightforward service are just a few of the reasons that the client told us they enjoyed working with us, would work with us again and would recommend our consultancy services to others. 

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