Best Service

Our commitment to our clients

Our company vision is to be the best service-driven consulting business in global STEM markets, and we will achieve that through committing to transparent, open communication with our clients about what they need and how we can achieve it.

We hold ourselves accountable to providing our best service in several ways. Our Best Service Charters make visible the promises we commit to for our clients, consultants, colleagues and communities. And, through NPS surveys and feedback requests from our clients, we’re able to clearly define what “best service” means to everyone, helping us constantly reflect and improve.

Get in touch

with our team to speak to an expert and understand how we can help you.

Our Net Promoter Score Is 73

We send surveys to our clients every time we work on a project to understand how they've found our service, and use that information to maintain an up to date Net Promoter Score. We're proud that our current score of 73 designates us as "World Class" by NPS standards. 

The feedback we receive is used to drive continuous improvement within our business. The overwhelmingly positive response we get reflects the professionalism and value of our team, as well as endorsing our relationship-led approach, our success in delivering what we promise and our commitment to our best service charter. 

For every completed NPS survey we plant a tree with non-profit partners One Tree Planted, with the aim of creating a healthier climate through reforestation in locations around the world. So far we’ve planted over 33,000 trees and we won’t stop until we’ve planted a forest!