Embedded software case study

Coalesce worked with a leading automotive client based in Gothenburg, Sweden, who were developing a new embedded software system for their cars and needed support from a software developer with test automation experience. 

They needed someone with expertise they could trust and up to that point they’d been struggling to find someone with suitable experience to take it on as a job, so when they found out about Coalesce they decided to try using our consultants. We sent them three profiles of consultants we worked with who had relevant experience in working with embedded software and test automation in the automotive industry. Not only were they impressed with the standards of the profiles, they were torn between who they wanted on the project!

In the end they chose our most experienced consultant who has been working in software development roles for over 30 years. Within a matter of weeks they had gone from not finding anyone to having an extremely skilled consultant working on their project.

The client complimented “the organisation, speed of delivery and structure” of our service and now consider us a preferred supplier of embedded software services and solutions. 

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One of the better consultants we've worked with due to the organisation, speed of delivery and structure of the service.

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