Our Social Values

Our Social Values

Our social values shape our culture at Coalesce. We believe that true expertise comes from allowing everyone to fulfil their potential, regardless of background, differences or community challenges. 

We’re more than just a consultancy delivering workforce solutions to engineering projects; we’re proud advocates of driving positive change through diversity & inclusion programmes and CSR initiatives.


Our CSR Commitments

Since the launch of CMC we've been proud supporters of the community of Las Laderas, Peru - a desert shantytown in the foothills of Lima where families and children live in poverty, with few options to improve their way of life. 

Through the charity Project Peru, we've worked closely with the people in the region to help break the cycle of poverty. Volunteers from our Group have travelled to Las Laderas to help build over 100 homes, 2 soup kitchens as well as supporting a children's refuge which gives shelter, food and education to the most vulnerable people in the area. 

This June a group of our employees will travel out there again to assist the construction of a new accommodation wing in the shelter, allowing them to help house, feed and care for more children and young people for a longer period. We're also raising money to help complete the work. You can donate now through our justgiving page

Part of our best service charter commits to providing for our community, and that’s what we aim to do through our CSR work. 

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to fund reforestation efforts in key areas around the world. We plant one tree for every NPS survey completed, 100 trees for every CMC expert consultant engaged on a new client project and 100 trees every time an employee is promoted internally to celebrate their career progression. 

So far we’ve planted over 32,000 trees around the world and we won’t stop until we’ve planted a forest

Diversity & Inclusion

Our business is all about people and we strive to ensure that the people we work with come from all backgrounds and enjoy equal respect and opportunity with us. We’re proud to be an employer that commits to diversity & inclusion goals and delivering sustainable, meaningful action-led change internally.

We hold ourselves accountable through our annual Diversity & Inclusion Report that highlights the actions we’ve taken through our group-wide diversity and inclusion strategy and reflects the true results of their impact. Through being open and transparent about our own diversity approach we can ensure we continue to make sustainable, meaningful, action-led change and encourage others within the STEM industry to do the same. 

Taking steps to improve inclusion everywhere

Armed Forces Covenant

Coalesce Management Consulting are proud signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant. 

This is a pledge that together we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives.

Download the Covenant to learn more about the steps we've committed to taking for service personnel, both regular and reservist, veterans and military families.


Proud Charter Signatory

Coalesce are proud to be Founding Partner Signatories of the Diversity and Inclusion Charter. This is a public pledge to take actions that will drive positive, sustainable, real-world change and encourage other STEM industries to do the same so that we can create a truly inclusive global industry. 

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