Pharmaceutical Case Study

Coalesce partnered with one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world to assist them with a long-standing process improvement project for all four of their manufacturing sites in the USA. 

They'd been working with a number of other consultancies previously, but their existing partners had been unable to fulfil their requirements. For 8 months they'd been unable to progress their project due to their struggles with finding consultants with the right knowledge and skills to manage the process. Then they came to Coalesce.

Within 48 hours we came back to them with a suitable consultant profile from our extensive community of project experts. Our consultant ticked every box they needed for the project and was able to get started immediately. 

The successful completion of the task and the value our consultant added to the project and the client's business convinced them to partner with us again, with the project team recommending us to other divisions of the company. 

Since then we've developed an effective partnership with 25 consultants all executing projects simultaneously. We've expanded our level of service with the clients and now have a presence in all of their pharmaceutical and technology manufacturing sites. 

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