Solar Energy Case Study

Our client required a consultant on a utility-scale solar battery energy storage system (BESS) project. The consultant would represent them on the project to perform construction project management services and quality management services including.

The consultant was needed to manage daily, weekly and monthly workflows and processes and oversee several other teams including the EPC contractor, subcontractors and suppliers/integrators of owner-supplied equipment. They’d also co-ordinate with other relevant stakeholders and technical advisors. The placement had to last throughout the construction and commissioning of the project.


As is often the case, speed of placement was an issue. The client needed someone who could be on-site to quickly become acquainted with the relevant requirements of the project’s EPC contract and begin coordinating the construction and engineering groups. They approached Coalesce and we quickly got to work on securing suitable profiles from our workbench of specialist energy consultants. 

We had a suitable consultant on site in time for the project to begin, with the right industry knowledge and project overview to start immediately running the other teams. The client was so happy with the quality of our service and the resulting work of our consultant that they’ve confirmed they want to do more work with us in the future. 

“We’ve found the service CMC provided to be great, and happy with the quality and level of

experience presented in the individuals which stood above other providers.

We’ve found the process to be efficient and smooth. From the point of initial meeting, the follow up was excellent in all aspects, including speed of profiles, arranging discussions, following up on red lines, getting things back in a timely manner and getting open items closed.

CMC provided a high level of service in a quick time frame which was a benefit to our project, as such we will be happy to collaborate together again on future projects.”

Al Jansen

Senior Construction Manager

Canadian Solar/Recurrent Energy


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