Our Leadership Team

The best solutions are led by the best people, and our leadership team recognise the expertise required for every job. We differentiate ourselves from traditional management consultancies not only by our dedication to providing the best service for our customers, but by continuously investing and developing in our own consultants. Our leadership team manage the requirements and expectations of our consultants, ensuring that every expert is able to deliver the full scope of work required.

  • Consultant - Milan Thompson

    Milan Thompson

    Consulting Manager

  • Consultant - Edward Maunder

    Edward Maunder

    Senior Principal Consultant

  • Consultant - Cain Van Heyningen

    Cain Van Heyningen

    Consulting Services Lead

  • Consultant - Connor Evans

    Connor Evans

    Consulting Lead

  • Consultant - Andrew Grogan

    Andrew Grogan

    Consulting Lead

  • Consultant - Chris Markham

    Chris Markham

    Consulting Lead

  • Consultant - Ryan Crowther

    Ryan Crowther

    Consulting Lead

  • Consultant - Nick Withers

    Nick Withers

    Group Content Manager

  • Consultant - Nicola  Hunt

    Nicola Hunt

    Group People Manager

  • Consultant - Michael Lyons

    Michael Lyons

    Senior Consultant

  • Consultant - Jack Burgess

    Jack Burgess

    Senior Consultant

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