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Welcome to the semiconductor social, the monthly feature that gives you a round-up of all the latest stories from what's happened in the US in the semiconductor industry. Each month we'll be covering upcoming projects, new chip releases and news from across the States to make it easier for you to keep up with the latest developments across the industry. 

Watch the full video below with Senior Consultant and semiconductor industry expert Connor Evans, or read our top stories below. 

If you're working in the industry, you will already be familiar with our top story: The Senate's CHIPS act. Legislation that's there to provide 52 billion in subsidiaries for the semiconductor industry and tax credit for companies that manufacture semiconductors in the USA.

The bill seeks to make the US more competitive with China, whose chip industry has grown rapidly over the last five years which now accounts for at least 10% of global sales.

Semiconductor Industry Association President and CEO John Neuffer said recently:

"This is America's window of opportunity to reinvigorate chip manufacturing, design, and research on US shores, and Congress should seize it before the window slams shut."

Our second story comes from Taiwan's GlobalWafers, who plan to build a silicon wafer factory in Sherman, Texas.

The announcement precedes the launches of multiple new semiconductor facilities by Intel, Samsung Foundry, and TSMC. The build will cost around $5 billion and production volumes will reach 1.2 million of 300mm wafers per month.

The new wafer manufacturing facility will be the largest in the US and amongst the largest in the world.

GlobalWafers will start the build of the factory later this year and expects the production to start around early 2025.

Finally, SkyWater Technologies have recently announced their plans to build a $1.8 billion semiconductor R&D and production facility in Indiana, said to create around 750 new direct jobs within its first five years of opening.

Thomas Sonderman, President and CEO of SkyWater Technologies, said his endeavour to bolster chip production will rely on the funding from the CHIPS act, an area which we talked about above.

However, the federal investment will enable SkyWater to quickly expand its efforts in reshoring its new semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

They were the top stories from the US semiconductor market in July. We'll be back next month with more updates. 

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