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Data Centre Debrief for November

William Cooper-Bevan Dec 12, 2023

Our first story today is here in the UK. Vantage Data Centres, a leading global provider of hyperscale data centre campuses and a consortium of inv...


All the biggest US renewable energy news stories from November 2023

Edward Maunder Dec 5, 2023

Our stop story this month is that the state of New York has selected the project Attentive Energy One for a 25 year contract to supply 1.4GW of ren...


The Biggest Data Centre Developments From The Last Month

William Cooper-Bevan Nov 6, 2023

Datum has been granted planning permission for a new data centre in ManchesterOur first story today is from here in the UK. Datum has been granted ...


Renewables Roundup: This Month's Top Stories from the USA's Energy Sector

Edward Maunder Nov 1, 2023

2023 is set to see a record solar production capacity for the USA, with Texas leading the way with nearly $20 billion in investments. Meanwhile, th...


The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022: A Mixed Bag for the Renewable Energy Industry

Edward Maunder Oct 19, 2023

In 2022, the United States government introduced the Inflation Reduction Act, a comprehensive economic package aimed at addressing rising inflation...


Coalesce Management Consulting Is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Prince Worlu Oct 18, 2023

Coalesce Management Consulting is fully certified with ISO 9001:2015 for the supply of management consultancy services worldwide. We were appr...


The biggest US Renewable Energy stories from September

Edward Maunder Oct 2, 2023

Our top story this month focuses on the increased capacity of solar module manufacturing in the U.S.  Since the passage of the Inflation ...


What Opportunities Are There For Asia’s Offshore Wind Market?

Sandeep Narasimha Sep 20, 2023

Asia’s wind market is looking promising, with nearly 100GW of offshore wind capacity expected to be installed by 2030 - according to the Glob...


Europe needs to commit to battery vehicles in the EV race with China

Andrew Beard Sep 18, 2023

Europe’s EV market is growing fast, but the industry needs to accelerate massively if it’s to keep up with China. The Chinese EV m...


Challenges Faced by Renewable Energy Companies in Grid Integration of Solar and Wind Farms in the USA

Edward Maunder Sep 15, 2023

The United States has made significant strides in harnessing renewable energy sources, particularly solar and wind power, to combat climate change ...

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