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The situation in Ukraine is a reminder for us all how very quickly and catastrophically life can change. Whilst it is impossible for outsiders to fully comprehend what is unfolding, the human devastation and suffering inflicted will inevitably be wide-reaching and longer-lasting than current news coverage will ever reflect. 

There are no winners or losers in war, and Coalesce Management Consulting firmly and unequivocally adds our voice to the global call for peace. 

We are struck by the reality that nothing we do will be enough, but we can all make a difference, however small. We are incredibly proud of the individuals across our teams who have led with positivity and taken tangible action to quickly help those people most in need as a consequence of the current situation - not only through monetary donations but also some incredible acts of mobilisation and activity. 

As a business, we have always been led by our values, and with so many lives already lost and so many men, women and children living in fear and facing untold disruption and displacement, we will be supporting the International Red Cross' dedicated Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis appeal in addition to donations already made via other channels.

The conflict will undoubtedly have repercussions across numerous organisations and labour markets, and we are committed to appropriately supporting our candidates and clients who have been directly affected.