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It’s a mission critical fact that defence companies must be able to rely upon the latest innovation in embedded software and the expertise of systems and software specialists to ensure their technical operations are safe, secure and reliable

From military avionics to space systems, the defence sector is characterised by complex embedded systems. You’ll find them in everything from the architecture and design of embedded controls to mission systems and human machine interfaces.

Look at today’s modern aircraft for example, embedded software features everywhere from nose to tail. It goes without saying that these high-tech systems must be designed to withstand extreme conditions without losing any functionality. 

Urgent demand amid rising global tensions

The global military embedded systems market is growing rapidly. Estimated to be worth some $1.6Bn in 2022, it’s projected to reach $2.5Bn by 2027, according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets, a B2B research organisation. 

So, what’s driving this rapid growth? Experts suggest that much of it can be attributed to the rise in upgradation programmes for land vehicles, developments in the navigation and communication systems for naval and airborne platforms and developments in the space sector.

The popularity of cloud and wireless technologies is increasing each year. This is catalysing the development of both weapons and radar systems, communication mediums and command and control functions to optimise the connectivity and coordination of boots on the ground. Short-range systems with RFID (radio frequency identification), NFC (near-field communication) and long-range protocols including LTE (long term evolution) and WiMAX (worldwide interoperability for microwave access) will all be key growth areas in the coming years. 

On top of this it’s fair to say that the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place in 2023. The escalating threat arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sabre rattling between the US and China over Taiwan are just two of the reasons why defence contractors all over the world are facing an increased and urgent demand for technology and people. 

All of these factors are fuelling the need for high calibre software solutions designed and delivered by the best and brightest embedded systems specialists. But a labour shortfall has become a millstone around the neck of many defence firms leading to thousands of projects and developments stalling without the right expertise.

The defence sector’s people shaped problem

These days embedded software is everywhere. While intelligent technology has been around for almost half a century, in recent years embedded systems have saturated almost every aspect of modern day life. The breakneck speed of technological change has created an urgent cross-sector demand and competition for talented software developers, software and systems architects and project testers. 

On top of this, many companies are still reeling from the impact of pandemic restrictions on movement which led to serious skills shortages in many countries. When you combine the challenges borne through the changing face of technology, alongside these lockdown induced hurdles you can see why this has led to costly project delays. Delays that strike profit margins and hamper many an organisation’s capability to develop their innovative plans and achieve ambitious growth targets. 

Operating in this tighter labour market, as embedded systems become increasingly popular, the reputation of the defence sector can act as a barrier to attracting and retaining the best talent. Indeed, there’s fierce competition from what are often seen as more desirable sectors to work in, particularly with ‘millennial’ and ‘generation Z’ professionals. 

We find that many of these young systems and software professionals have an impression that the defence sector suffers from underdeveloped diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, including those for women. Plus there’s a perception that defence companies can’t compete with the salaries offered by new space and software companies in Silicon Valley.

Repositioning your focus on bringing in mission-ready consultants or teams of consultants with the specialist systems and software expertise that your project needs, from a consulting firm with a strong commitment to building an equitable and diverse workbench, can be the answer to both your short-term project needs and long-term positioning in the market. 

Positioning for mission success

As CMC’s consulting lead for the aerospace and defence sectors it’s my role to make sure that my customers are able to access the right expertise. We deliver skilled and experienced teams of consultants to build innovative systems and drive projects to success in the face of demanding timescales and often challenging budgets.

Given the exponential speed of technology evolution and advancement, we understand that you need a consulting partner that’s always fully up-to-date on even the most advanced technologies and trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics. 

My team brings demonstrable expertise in helping defence employers achieve their goals through long term assignments with experienced experts. 

When you work with us you get a dedicated, agile partner who will proactively provide relevant, value-add insights and analytics, assess and identify the right technologies for your business requirements and develop and deliver a practical, full lifecycle implementation plan, which comes with customised and measurable value metrics.

Sometimes all it takes is a little innovation in approach to embrace the skills challenge and ensuring you’re working with the best consultants who can deliver the services you need in your defence project. 

We’re certain that we can help you to overcome ANY project or business challenge thanks to our extensive workbench of skilled software and systems experts, and support from our teams when you most need us! A globally positioned partner, available to you 24 hours a day, that will happily adapt any aspect of its proven service to best suit your organisation. 

To find out more about how we do things differently and understand how our refreshing approach has enabled us to become a tried and trusted name in solving the defence sector’s skills problems and build a healthy talent pipeline, get in contact today!