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Coalesce Management Consulting are pleased to have received our ISO 9001 certification.

ISO9001 is an internationally recognised standard for the quality best practice management of businesses. Our vision to be the best service-driven consulting business in global STEM markets means delivering true expertise consistently to all of our clients. 

The ISO9001 certification shows that our expert-led processes fulfil their standards for repeatable, consistent, quality service. It shows that we’re committed to continual improvement and have control measures in place to assist with regulatory and legislative compliance. 

Our customers already know about our commitments to True Expertise Delivered, and the level of service they can always expect from us. But for new customers, this should offer some additional assurance that all of our employees are up to date in the way we work and the tools we use, that our processes are effective and consistent throughout the business, and that we’re committed to the high-quality service our consultants bring to your projects. 

True Expertise Delivered

Find out all about our best service commitments and the services that we can provide to deliver true expertise to all our customers. 

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