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Hello everyone, I'd like to welcome my network to the first ever T&D Roundup where we will be providing a monthly roundup of the latest stories across the U.S. utility market. I'm your host, Jackson Ott, Consulting Team Manager here at Coalesce Management Consulting in Dallas; The expert consulting firm that provides project and construction management services in the utility sector. Let's get started.

So, the first company we're going to highlight here is Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and their 10,000-mile undergrounding project. So right now in their current state, they are on pace to finish 600 miles by the end of 2023, which puts them on schedule. What does this do? This is going to help prevent wildfires. It's going to help reduce power outages and improve reliability, and this is going to decrease the need for future tree work. So overall, what does this do? It helps protect the environment.

The second company we're going to highlight is Georgia Power, a part of Southern Company and their grid investment program. Now, over the next four years up until 2027 they are planning on investing over $17 billion into the grid investment program. That’s going to be replacing, upgrading and rebuilding transmission and distribution lines, along with substations. This is a multi-year initiative to enhance service and reliability to the communities across Georgia.

Now these are just the two that we're highlighting today and there are many more companies out there that are playing a key part in improving the nation's infrastructure – which has been overdue for some time now. So I'm excited to dive in and talk about more companies, projects and important news in the industry in the following months. But for now, thanks for tuning in. I hope you all found this helpful. Until next time!