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This monthly video provides you information about new chip releases, upcoming projects and news from across the US to help make it easier for you to keep up with the latest updates in the Semiconductor world.

This month’s top story comes from Bosch who are planning to invest $1.5billion to convert a California semiconductor plant it acquired TSI Semiconductor as part of a purchase of chipmakers, the full investment from BOSCH is dependent on federal funding from the CHIPS ACT.

The California plant currently produces 200-mm silicon wafers however Bosch says i’'s plan is to convert manufacturing processes at the plant to produce its silicon carbide wafers.

The goal is to meet rising demand for semiconductors, particularly from the automotive sector. Bosch says its silicon carbide chips help electric vehicles achieve greater range and more efficient recharging.

Our second story comes from NVIDIA who have developed a breakthrough algorithm which accelerates chip manufacturing by 40 times, revolutionizing the industry.

Partnering with TSMC and ASML, the new algorithm that significantly accelerates chip manufacturing will allow TSMC to produce more advanced chips with upgrading their equipment

Starting in June, the technology will be used in production, with support from companies like Synopsys and ASML..

The final story of the month comes from Edwards who are opening a new semiconductor manufacturing facility in Chandler.

The new facility will be 200,000 square foot and is expected to bring 500new jobs to the area.

They were the top stories from the US Semiconductor industry in April, if you enjoyed the video please give it a like, comment, share or even better all 3!

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