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Consultant - Mike Walker

Mike Walker

Chief Sales Officer

Mike is an engaging and experienced business leader with an impressive track record of delivering consulting and service excellence across multiple sectors and disciplines. Having operated at an executive level for almost a decade, Mike has significant regional and international experience working with STEM clients, including leading Global Customer Segmentation for a FTSE company, where he also established a highly effective offshore delivery model and ran their global delivery centre.

Mike’s specialities include developing and implementing meaningful Employee and Customer Value Propositions (EVPs and CVPs); Geographical and Sector Diversification; and Customer Segmentation through applying different models as applicable and appropriate to different customer types and needs.

Value-led and service-driven, Mike’s collaborative approach, commitment to quality, and innate integrity make him a highly trusted and credible consulting partner with clients and a hugely popular and effective business leader.

Mike’s genuine passion for developing people reflects in the expertise of the Coalesce teams, who are continuously supported to keep learning and expanding their STEM sector knowledge and value-add for Coalesce Management Consulting’s clients.